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Title Insurance

In general, “title insurance” refers to two different types of policies; an owner’s policy of title insurance, which provides insurance to the insured owner listed on the policy, or a lender’s or loan policy of title insurance, which insures the lender listed on the loan policy against covered defects for the life of the loan.  When a policy of title insurance is purchased, we search public archives and determine ownership of a parcel of land and identify any issues that may affect the purchaser’s or borrower’s ownership. Once the search is complete, we then determine the insurability of title to the real estate and list any exclusions from coverage.  Owner’s and Loan Policies protect your investment and provide the insured coverage from certain title defects — all for a one-time premium.  We are an exclusive issuing agent for First American Title Insurance Company. 

Real Estate and Mortgage Closing Services

Our experienced team of closers and assistants will work to close your transaction in a timely manner.  PCA prepares a final settlement statement and other necessary transaction documents, obtains signatures from the necessary parties, receives and distributes payments related to the transaction, and records the deed and mortgage documents with the Register of Deeds office.

Document Preparation/Land Contract Preparation

Our in-house attorney works with our team of closers and assistants to draft any necessary documents for your transaction, including shared driveway maintenance agreements, easement agreements, well and septic agreements, land contracts, etc. 

Construction Loan Disbursement and Inspections

PCA has a designated team member that works with lenders and general contractors to coordinate draw request and inspection and handles the disbursement of loan funds for the duration of the project. 

Letter (Title) Reports

A letter report is a search of a particular parcel of land from the last deed in the public record forward.  The report includes any mortgages and/or liens of record encumbering the parcel or filed against the current owner in the county where the property is located, which may also be a lien on the parcel of land.  This report is less expensive than title insurance, but is not insurance – however, this type of report is often sufficient for home equity loans or for general informational purposes only. 
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